Friday, July 9, 2010

About me...and a vegan in the making!

Although I am hardly able to figure out this doggone site contraption, I thought I would make a serious post.
About me:
Girl, human species. I've been a vegetarian for over a year and I'm working on veganism. I loved giving up meat, and from then on I tried to eat mostly plant foods (tofu, oatmeal, PEANUT BUTTER, and edamame were pretty much what I ate all day...). Now I definitely think it's time to expand to veganism! Huzzah! I love animals--duhhhh--and I have an adorable, German Shorthair Pointer, basically the cutest dog in existence. However, he is old now. And he has "old dog syndrome," sadly. Sigh.

If anybody has been around me for approximately 8 minutes, you would know I am obsessed with ballet. I will talk about it to anyone if they are conveniently located nearby...even though I see their eyes glaze over, I will tell them about our impossible combination in class, in FRENCH, forgetting that they have absolutely no idea what in hell I am talking about. I study the Cecchetti method (the bomb) and dance 5 days a week, which is bad for who drives me to the studio, but awesome for the Charlotte. Even though I love it so much, I wouldn't want to be a professional, at all. Many people...but I don't see the appeal. You get payed $400 bucks a week at most, you get foot problems all over the place, and you get injured, stressed, overlooked, underappreciated (unless you are a principal or soloist), ignored, you're exhausted all day every freaking day of your life. I think I would rather do something fun, i.e. have my own show on HGTV or be a famous restaurant owner. In San Francisco. Haha!

Which reminds me...I love, love, love fashion, design, and art. I'll elaborate further in more posts, but this keeps me going everyday. I would flip through magazines all day if I could (even though Vogue is a stupid magazine. There, I said it.). Sick days are actually pretty awesome--apart from the whole "sickness" aspect--because I get to watch Food Network and HGTV. These people who are getting their house remodeled are quite dumb to begin with. NO--you can NOT have a shag carpet in your kitchen! Sheesh! What were you thinking!? If I was to renovate their house on my own show--teehee--step 1 is to scold them. Then I would continue doing an amazing job with my unlimited amount of sponsors and money and appliances.

I've been testing veganism pretty much when summer started and I finished school, because then I am more independent and have more time to research/cook. Since then, I've been successful except for the times my mother forced whipped cream or a scrambled egg upon me. GRRRRRR!!!! Otherwise I am pretty freaking awesome at this.
Every morning I eat a bowl of salted, boiled edamame without the shell (Trader Joe's brand rocks), a sliced Gala apple, tablespoon of TJ's natural crunchy salted peanut butter (You are thinking, "NO WAY!"), and mugs of coffee. I really am getting too dependent on coffee....oh dear...

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    You should come over and we should cook and bake and stuff. It would be so fun!!