Friday, July 9, 2010


Elaborating on my last post, I am in lüüüüüüürve (UMLAUT!!!! Sorry. A smidge obsessed now that I figured how you can do that on Mac) with design and fashion, and IKEA. Hopefully you will never get close enough to my eyeballs for me to examine your outfit and think how it could be more flattering or innovative. Just being totes honest here. I'm a prisoner of my closet: a) it's a pigsty and I am literally a prisoner because I have to constantly clean it; and b) school nights I spend around 30 minutes finding the PERFECT outfit. Necessary? NO! But seeing that I hate school so much, an awesome outfit just makes me so much happier. Whenever I make the mistake of picking an unflattering or ultimately uncomfortable outfit for the school day, I feel like total crap. GACK! It's horrible. One thing that prevents me from stepping up my game is the fact that I have like 3 pairs of shoes. Not kidding. And 2 pairs of them are the same. I have a pair of Pewter/silver hardware hand-me-down Gladiators from Sam Edelmen, and another pair in black/gold hardware. I love them to death. Though, they are leather. But, hey! I didn't buy them! Don't yell! (You're not yelling? Ok. Good.) I wear them every. Single. Day. Before I acquired my black pair, I was forced to wear silver jewelry and avoid brown at all costs to avoid some major clashing with the shoes. But I hate silver. Well, maybe "hate" isn't the right word. It looks bad on me, vs. gold, which looks pretty kickin'. My final pair of shoes are microfiber moccasins from a boutique store downtown. Total ripoff for the quality, but I was supporting the local businesses (ahem.) The stitching is coming apart, but they've served me well.
I will most definitely be getting a pair of shoes soon.
Favorite designers/stores: vintage Chanel (now it CAN be tacky...), vintage Gucci, vintage Prada...basically anything vintage! Also, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Loewe, Topshop, H&M (especially that enormous one in SF!), Nordstrom BP, etc. Forever 21 is pretty good, though the quality sucks and most of it isn't stuff to write home about. But if you dig around, you really can find some freaking awesome pieces and trendy jewelry that I would never spend $600 for listed in Vogue, Marie Claire, etc. F21 makes it possible to spend precisely $9.80 for the trendy bib necklace last season! They are really marketing geniouses (jeaniouses?--no!--I won't use any puns!) from the store decor, the colors, and how they are immediately able to knockoff a designer piece within like 2 weeks of the fashion week shows.
IKEA. I don't think I need to further explain besides the fact that it is the greatest place in the world. I have spent 3 1/2 hours there and not complained a bit. Absolutely wonderful. Seriously. I would get a job there just to hide from my duties and go shopping all day. I'll let you know how that plan works out...


  1. THATS why you always look so freaking fashionable...
    Yeah...forever 21 is so cheap! I wore a black dress from there to church and the straps broke while I was sitting in the pews.
    Have you ever played hide and go seek in ikea??!!